About Us

Our mission
Democratize access to fashion and rethink the idea of ownership by creating a more circular, sustainable fashion economy.

Why we're doing this
We want to provide people like us an alternative to retail and create a private community around shared access. By building a deeper relationship with our members and the community, we have the opportunity to create something really special.
Bigger than gender
We’ve started with menswear and streetwear because they’re two of the most overlapping categories in fashion. Gender lines are being blurred and it’s no longer about men’s or women’s. It's about whether you like something or not and finding a size that fits.
Our values
1. Community
2. Sustainability
3. Financial literacy
Things we live by
1. Collect stories, not things
2. Create inspiration
3. Loyalty over everything
4. Travel more
5. Be honest
6. Invest in your community
7. No fake friends
8. Make more, consume less
9. Have a plan A, B, and C
10. Pay it forward
Who we are
Regy Perlera
Founder, CEO
Luc Succes
Co-Founder, CTO
Perla Trejo
Director, Operations
San Pham
Director, Merchandise Planning
Who we're backed by
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We're fortunate to have these amazing partners supporting our vision.
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